Quest Machina

Quest Machina is a single-player game that uses generative AI to create a unique adventure on each playthrough. Create your character, add prompts to influence the generation, and explore a world made just for you.

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A screenshot of a Quest Machina world, showing the player exploring the Celestial Gardens.
A screenshot of a Quest Machina menu, showing locations the player can travel to.

Discover a unique star system

Create your character and visit planets rocked by conflict. Each game has a unique storyline and final boss, which can be influenced by your inputs or created entirely by AI.

Build your deck

Craft a deck to face off against space pirates and hostile creatures in card-based combat. Strategize with Hold effects and Play effects to deal damage while protecting yourself from the next attack.

Load up with gear

Buy, loot, and steal gear to increase your stats and help you overcome challenges across the star system. Align your stats with your deck to power up your cards.

Be a hero or a villain

Save the villager or steal their gear? It's your choice, but prepare for the consequences. Each game has multiple endings; the one you get is selected by the mark you left on the world.

Share your world

Every world in Quest Machina has a unique ID. Send it to a friend and they can import your world into a save slot.